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OLYMVAX was awarded the Top 100 Enterprises of New Economy in Sichuan Province in 2022


Source: Sichuan Institute of Industry and Information Technology

Recently, Sichuan Institute of Industry and Information Technology announced the List of Top 100 Enterprises of New Economy in Sichuan Province in 2022. OLYMVAX was successfully included in the list and ranked 11th.

Under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department, this solicitation and selection activity was conducted, aiming to accelerate the development of a new economy characterized by new technologies, industries, formats, and models, explore and cultivate a number of new economy benchmark and seed enterprises with strong comprehensive strength, excellent innovation capability, high development potential and certain social influence, cultivate and grow new economic market players, capture new track of industrial development, create new drivers and advantages for economic growth, and promote high-quality development.

Referring to the Evaluation Standard for Company of China New Economy and the actual situation of the new economy industry in Sichuan Province, Top 100 Enterprises of New Economy in Sichuan Province were selected from six aspects of enterprise scale, profitability, growth rate, innovation drive, social contribution and social influence and based on 15 detailed indicators such as new economy revenue and growth rate, financing valuation, R&D expenditure, profit margin and tax amount, after the data filled by enterprises were revised through competent government departments, open financing records, public annual reports of enterprises and other channels.

S/N  Enterprise Names

1  AVIC (Chengdu) UAS Co., Ltd.

2  Chengdu Kanghua Biological Products Co., Ltd.

3  Maccura Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

4  Sichuan Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited

5  Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

6  Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd.

7  Sichuan Anning Iron and Titanium Co., Ltd.

8  HitGen Inc.

9  Sichuan Yongxiang New Energy Co., Ltd.

10  Tianqi Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.

11  Chengdu Olymvax Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

12  ChengDu Ganide Technology Co., Ltd.

13  Chengdu Wintrue Holding Co., Ltd.

14  Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

15  Colasoft Network Technology Co., Ltd.

16  D&O Home Collection Co., Ltd.

17  Chengdu SinoRail Electronics Co., Ltd.

18  TW Solar (Meishan) Co., Ltd.19  Sichuan EM Technology Co., Ltd.

20  Chengdu Analog Circuit Technology Inc.

21  Chengdu Meenyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

22  China Bluestar Chengrand Research Institute of Chemical Industry Ltd.

23  Chengdu Jwell Group Co., Ltd.

24  Nanchong CCTC Electronics Co., Ltd.

25  Sichuan Mountek Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

26  Chengdu Zhimingda Electronics CO., Ltd.

27  Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

28  Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute Co., Ltd.

29  Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

30  Sichuan Huadu Nuclear Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

List of Top 100 Enterprises of New Economy in Sichuan Province in 2022

Founded in 2009, OLYMVAX is an enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of human vaccines. At present, the Company has 3 vaccine products launched and formed a product pipeline of “multi-product reserve, orderly stepping and key breakthrough”.

With an innovative and open corporate culture, OLYMVAX will establish multi-dimensional cooperative relationships based on the development strategy of “going global and bringing in” to provide innovative and effective solutions against significant health issues faced by China and the world. The management and all staff of the Company will keep the original intention in mind and strive forward to reward the capital market with better performance by continuously optimizing the product pipelines and improving the profitability level.

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